Monday, August 31, 2009


Pastor Michon

Julie was the congregational sponsor for us

Logens God Family

Auntie Erica & Uncle Kevin

Auntie & Uncle came to ND last weekend to see me and celebrate a baby shower and my baptism.
I almost pooded all over Uncle Kevin on Sunday morning but mommy caught it in time!

Me & GMA'S

Nap time

Gma Peggy babysat me on Friday night while mommy and auntie went out for dinner. I was sleeping so mommy put me down on my back but I woke up crying within minutes. Gma thought she would try me on my tummy and now I nap for hours. They check on my all the time though because they think I am going to stop breathing.

Sneak preview of Halloween costume

Need I say more!

Grandma Arlene

I went with mommy and Gma Arlene to her "Old Lady friend bday party.
I slept pretty much the whole time but it was sure fun meeting her friends.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mommy's friends with me

We got to see Jamie when she was in Minot the same time we were. They were having a party for her dad so we stopped up to say hi. I slept most of the time thought.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stroller Ride

Thank you to my two best Great Aunties in the world I have this really nice stroller that my mommy and I can go for a walk with during the day!

Just pics of ME

Just wanted to show you how big I am getting.
I am now 5 weeks old and I can hold me head up pretty good already :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Waiting for mom

Is mom ever going to get out of the shower. I am so tired of waiting for her.

The Quinlen Gang

Whole McNally Gang

Braylee and Logen

Christa, Braylee, Logen and IThe second cousins are kissing at a young age

Uncle Chad

I finally got to meet my new uncle Chad when we were in Minot for the weekend. I love him so much.

Parshal Bay here we come

The cabin really tires me out. Thanks auntie Tami for teaching me how to use my passie for the first time. Regan and I at the lake

Shaley and I at the lake

Gpa M & Regan at the cabin

The boys getting ready to go swimming at Parshal Bay Hanging out down by the water while the boys went swimming. I was toooooo tired to swim. Maybe next summer I can swim with them.

Kristi, Keaton, Jaxon & Barkely came to meet me at the lake. Thanks for the awesome outfit and passie that auntie Tami loves to give me :)