Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

Unlce Kevin trying to say he doesn't like the Packer Snuggy that Auntie Erica got for Christmas
Auntie Erica and Unlce Kevin were outside on Christmas Day night shoveling for mommy and daddy. When we left GMA/PA McNally's house it was snowing really hard and blowing really bad. They had to shovel a walk way for us to even get into the garage and then another one to get into the house.

Check out my new helmet. GPA M collects helmets and Uncle Chad got me one with my name on it. All the girls have one also.
Round #3 of opening presents!

Christmas Day at GMA/PA McNally's house.

Unlce Kevin thinks he should be able to wear Stinky Sioux stuff in GMA/PA's house

Round #2 of Opening Presents!

D...D...D says D

WOW mom check out all my stuff I got from Santa!

Mom was telling me all the stuff I got in my stocking.

This is a great family picture on Christmas morning. Dad you look sooo coool man!

Oh Boy! I got the moveie "UP" for christmas from Santa.

I am the coolest kid on the block.

Oh man I am so tired because I stayed up all night waiting for Santa to come.

Look at all the stuff Santa left me at GMA/PA Quinlen's house :)

Merry Christmas Baby Jesus.

Eating on Christmas Eve was a little tough for me and I had it everywhere!

Christmas Eve at GMA/PA Quinlen's

Auntie Erica reading to me.

Something about a moose and if you give it a muffin it will give you some jam.

Christmas Wednesday night Round #1

Eating is really hard work and it wears me out!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

1st Christmas Present

I am now going to be rock star! I just got my first Christmas present in the mail today and look what it is..... My very own guitar. Thank you so much Cori, Jason, Owen and Tayte. Mom and I have been rocking out all morning with it :)
Lets Rock

I love Barkley so much
Just being silly with mom

This is my new favorite toy my mom bought me while we were in Colorado. Great Auntie Vickie recommended it to mom and I am so glad she did! Just playing with Barkley on the floor and then Snickers felt left out so he can and joined us also

Barkley is trying to eat my toes but mom stopped him.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ummmm Rice/Bananas

Check it out mom has been giving me rice and banana's this last past week!
I LOVE IT I just started sitting in my big chair the the Reinke's bought for me. I feel sooooo BIG when I get to sit at the table with mom and dad.


Check out my after bath mow hawk

Check out my mow hawk mom gave me after my bath

I love my family.... esp after I have a bath adn then we get to play
In the process of rolling over. Watch out world here I come!