Friday, October 30, 2009

VB in Trenton

Mom and I drove to Trenton last night to see Skylar and Kami. Kami coaches for Divide County and they played in Trenton so we thought we would go and hang out and cheer her team on. They won 3 games to 0. It was pretty fast games because Trenton is not a very good team!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trying out some football moves

I am trying so hard I have to stick my tongue out to consentrateUhm I think I will take a break and try out the finger sneak

Oh trying so hard to roll over
QB Sneak

Ready... Set... HUT HUT HUT

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Week

We are ready for our Trick or Treaters to come to our house so we can hand out some candy to them :)

Part I... Logies First Halloween

I don't wear the bib I just like to eat them.

Friday.. Logen is not at the house today but BONES is

Thursday.. Just a little Spooky outfit today! The next two days will be better I promise! I love my new pumpkin socks. Thanks Auntie Erica for them!

I threw up all over my football outfit so I thought I would be a baseball player since the World Series started tonight

Wednesday Bonus... Future Hugh Hefner on the loose

Wednesday... Future Husker QB!

Tuesday... Where are the birds!

Monday... The Doctor is in!

Sunday... Harley Motorcycle Dude
Thank you auntie Erica for the Halloween Hat

haning out in my Bumbo chair

Little Bison Fan

I love my Bison fans that live in Fargo. They sent me this really cool towel when I get out of the bath tub to use. I love bath time and so does my mom!