Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hanging at home!

This is a flag mommy got to hang in our yard for Nana Arlene. Helping daddy out in the front yard!

Talking to Nana P on the phone

So tired of watching mom clean this is what happens.

Nice day to have a water park in the back yard!

Day with Norah at the pool

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Being silly

I love to jump on my bed now!Wish someone would sit for a haircut!

Snickey AKA Kitty being silly this morning!

Williston Fair

Skylar and Logen checking out the petting zoo!

Playing at the little kids area they have!

The truck were our first ride to see if we would like the rides!


Next was the cars!

Then off to the rescue planes!

Here comes the caterpillar!

We only rode this one once since it was a little fast and jerky for us!

Back to the planes (Kami had to ride this time)

We did end with a carousel ride (but no pics)!