Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mickey is at our house!

I went down for a nap and this is what can to my front yard!!!!

Logen handing out

Do u like my sock?
When I get done taking a shower with daddy this is usually what happens..... I run run run around the house till he can catch me!

This is what happens when my mom waits to long to cut my hair! I get one bad hair day every morning:)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A little of everything

Mommy and Daddy went to Jamaica and they brought me back this really cool shirt!Not having a good day:(

Look I now have a BIG BOY BED!

Ohhhh I have two favorite blankets!

I love my Barkley!Mommy and Me
Skylar came to play!
Oh I was so tired I fell asleep with puppy in my mouth.
All bundled up in my new snowsuit
With my two best Grandma's downtown Minot!
Mommy and Grandpa Q went shopping late at Walmart and picked up this really cool table for me to have! I love sitting in my new chair and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
Look at my new Toy Story Table!
Just the right height for Barkley
I am finally big enough to play out in the snow this year!

Auntie Amy is pulling me in my new sled!Go Vikings!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Watch out for SHARKS!

Downtown Trick or Treating with Amy and Mommy

Logen and Mommy in Colorado

Here is me with my two cousins




Quinn was a skunk for Halloween

Helping grandpa with the bottles

We went to the park and played one afternoon!

Helping Uncle Kevin and Grandpa Q in the garage!

Auntie Erica, Mommy and I went to get my haircut and then to the pumkin patch!