Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well we thought it was about that time to put the good old house up for sale. We filled out the paper work on Tuesday night about 5:30 and got an offer on Wednesday about 4pm! So we were filling out more paper work on Wednesday night at 5:45!!!!!!!


This is my favorite thing to do is play on everything. Check out my nice mosquito bites on my face and shoulder:(

Anyone call 911?

Uncle Kevin brought me this police cruiser all the way from Colorado! They found it at a garage sale for only $8.00. What a steal of a deal!

Were would you like to be shipped to?

Logen is ready to go anywhere! Any takers for a package to arrive?

Monday, July 26, 2010

I turned "1"

Here are my bday cakes. Thanks to Kristi for decorating them for me!I had really bad diaper rash for the 1st time while we were at the lake. So this is what mommy would do when she had to change my diaper. I loved it and it didn't hurt so bad after that!

Summer Fun

Swinging away at the park Trip to the Minot Zoo with GMA/PA Q, Auntie Tami and Christa and Braylee

Golfing with GPA Q

Swimming with the cousins and uncle
Happy Father's Day Daddy!
Splash pad with Keaton and Jaxon