Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thanks Johnson Family:)

I got this cool box in the mail with my name on it.... It had an awesome Husker jacket, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, a CARS Hat, Race Car w/remote control, movies and leapster ABC! I thought it was really great to get stuff in the mail! Thanks:)


House updates!

Our Master bathroom

Logen's Bathroom

Kitchen sink and where the dishwasher will be going
Our pantry area where. Not really sure if we are liking how it turned out. I guess we will have to do with it for now till we figure out how we want to change it :(

Braylee came to visit me!

Playing at GMA/GPA Q's house

Gma and Mommy made some really good ribs for dinner :) YUM YUM

This is what happens when GPA gives me the container and I take the top off of it!

It was really HOT when I arrived at GMA/PA's house so Gma found this container for me to swim in!

I really loves GPA's golf balls.

Barkley needed a little cooling off also!

Look at me!

Mommy got this chair when she was little and it is now the perfect size for me to sit and play on!