Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mickey Mouse Club

This is what happens when Mickey Mouse Club comes on. The world comes to an end and I love to dance to the music :)

Check out my slippers

Mom and I went for a walk to the park and I got to swing for awhile

Another trip to the zoo

When we were home last Sunday we went to the zoo. Auntie Tami, GMA/GPA Q, Braylee and Christa joined us! Braylee and I enjoying some snaked while we walked through the zoo.
I think GPA Q had more fun feeding the animals than we did :)

I guess the zoo tired me out so the last half I took a little cat nap!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Trip to SD with the Snyder Family

Here I am at Mt. Rushmore in SD!

Ella riding with mommy and I so I have someone to play with on the drive!

Nathen, Ella and I

We are at the wax museum of the Presidents

We had a picnic at lunch time and then we were able to play on this really cool playground!


Beware of the bears @ Bear Country :)

Enjoying the hot tub after a long day at Keystone. Where we stayed had a Rec room so Logen thought he should belly up to the bar on these really cool bar stools!
Gene, Kari Beth, Ella, Nathen, Logen and Brady!
Our Day in Deadwood before we went home :(