Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mickey is at our house!

I went down for a nap and this is what can to my front yard!!!!

Logen handing out

Do u like my sock?
When I get done taking a shower with daddy this is usually what happens..... I run run run around the house till he can catch me!

This is what happens when my mom waits to long to cut my hair! I get one bad hair day every morning:)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A little of everything

Mommy and Daddy went to Jamaica and they brought me back this really cool shirt!Not having a good day:(

Look I now have a BIG BOY BED!

Ohhhh I have two favorite blankets!

I love my Barkley!Mommy and Me
Skylar came to play!
Oh I was so tired I fell asleep with puppy in my mouth.
All bundled up in my new snowsuit
With my two best Grandma's downtown Minot!
Mommy and Grandpa Q went shopping late at Walmart and picked up this really cool table for me to have! I love sitting in my new chair and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
Look at my new Toy Story Table!
Just the right height for Barkley
I am finally big enough to play out in the snow this year!

Auntie Amy is pulling me in my new sled!Go Vikings!