Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yesterday mommy and I made a trip up to Crosby to see Grandma Arlene and we went and had dinner with Skylar and Kami :) It was a great time playing with Skylar even though she pushed me around and walked all over me!

I was on the bull till the bully pushed me off.
Skylar riding her bull!
Just checking to see what the weather is like outside today!

Nothing is better then bath time and teeth brushing time!

Here is my 9 month picture finally!
Dinner Time!

Here I am playing with all my toys!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Uncle Chad's 40th Birthday

Friday Uncle Chad turned "40"
Grandma Arlene reserved a room at the Holiday Inn so we all went swimming. Mommy bought me a new life jacket and I loved to just float on my back with it on! Here I am with the girls we made a really cool thing!
This is what happens when you swim so hard.

At the Mall in Minot

Getting ready to go down the slide with Grandma Quinlen
Look at my cheesy little smile for everyone.

I guess we need to child proof!

Well as you can see I did child proof one part of the house and I just added it to this table but...... now I have boxed everything up and he can play with just the table itself!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

9 months old

I am already 9 months old :) Here I come mommy!
Here are my top two teeth!
Daddy said safety first in the house while we ride the lion.

Playing with all my toys and watching TV.

This is what I do when daddy is trying to sleep. I go and open and close to door to the bedroom.

Here is my Easter present from the Easter bunny. I love ridding it and it talks while we go.