Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello everyone :) I am being really lazy and want my bottle so dad just gave it to me on the floor while I was playing.

This is my top tooth coming in

Barkley and I playing around.

Me playing with all of my toys!
Playing with Barkley. He got a little tired and needed a rest.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hanging out at home

Shiner #2 on my face!

My favorite day was today. LAUNDRY DAY :)
I love when mom does laundry because I get to ride in the basket with her. She did however tell me today that I was getting little big to ride in the basket.

This is what Barkley does while we work around the house. He has it really RUFF :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Colorado Pictures

Sleeping with Uncle Kevin before we left on Sunday
Need I say more!

Do you like the Hawk?

Mary Helen came to play with me on Tuesday night.I can get it... I just know I can get it! HELPPPPPPPPP MEEEEEEEE

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Road Trip to Colorado

Our journey to Colorado began Friday morning at 8:45am. Amy arrived at our house and we packed the car up and our journey began. The sad thing is it was snowing and the roads were not very good. We arrived in Bismarck at 12:30pm (do the took forever) because Amy had to give a presentation that took 30 minutes. We finally left Bismarck around 3:00 to make it to Spearfish at 8:30pm. We stayed in Spearfish for the night so I was able to get out of my car seat and play around for awhile before it was time to go to bed.

Saturday morning we woke up and just took our time to get on the road. We went down to the hotel lobby and had some breakfast and then packed up the car and off we went to finish our road trip to CO. I fell asleep before we even got out of the hotel parking lot and slept all the way to Gillette where we stopped and filled up with gas. I made it all the way to Wheatland before I was ready to get out of my car seat and stretch my legs and play for awhile. Mom and Amy stopped at a little dinner and all the old ladies were googly over me. We had some lunch and back on the road we went. I thought since we have about 3 hours to go I should get a little shut eye and take another nap. It was really nice because when I woke up we were only 1 hour till we arrived at Auntie/Uncle's house! We finally arrived about 5:00pm. Auntie Erica was so excited to see me but...... I on the other hand got really scared and started to cry for my mom. It didn't take long and I was alright and loved being around them :)

Sunday morning I got to spend the day with Uncle Kevin while mom and Auntie went to the SPA. Uncle Kevin had to change my diaper while mom was gone and it was the first time ever for him. I was nice and only gave him a #1 to change. Mom and Auntie Erica got back around 2:00 and then we went across the street to the neighbors house to watch the Superbowl. Mom and I made it till about 6:3o pm and then we had to come home because I was getting hungry for some supper. I was able to talk to GMA/PA Quinlen on the computer before I had to go to bed.

Monday mom and I just hung out at Aunties house while they both worked. Uncle Kevin came home early from work to hang out with us before he had to go to class that night. We took an adventure out to Target and then back home for bath night and then bed time :)

Tuesday mom and I just hung out again. Took a nice long nap in the morning while mom made some brownies for dinner. We had a dinner guest over tonight. It was Auntie Erica's friend Mary Helen. She was so excited to see me and play with me. I didn't even cry when she came to play with my. That is a first for me with new people. We had dinner and then Mary Helen fed me my bottle and off to bed for me :)

Wednesday mom and I just hung out again like we do everyday of our lives. I actually slept in today till 8:30am! We ate some breakfast, played, ate a bottle then off for a nap. I took a two hour nap and didn't get up till 12:30. Then we had some lunch, played and tried to take a nap but I tricked mom and back to play time for us. Erica and Kevin arrived home after work and we had some dinner and then Kevin was off to class for the night. Auntie, Mommy and I went to Baby's R Us to get out of the house and to look at big boy car seats for the future :)

Thursday mom and I got up had some breakfast, played, took a nap, then Amy came to pick us up and we went shopping for the afternoon till Auntie got off work. Auntie, Mommy and I went to Bone Fish Grill for dinner and then to Target to get me some more food for the rest of the week.

Friday Auntie Erica had the day off :) We got up had some breakfast, played and then watched Survivor from the night before. No nap for me in the morning because I slept all night and didn't get up for mom:) We went to Uncle Kevin's work and picked him up for lunch. We went to Famous Dave's for lunch and then Uncle Kevin had to go back to work so mom, auntie and I went to FlatIrons to shop for awhile. I was a little crabby because I would fall asleep in the car and then they would wake me up to get out. (Why wouldn't they just let me sleep) Got home and Kevin picked up Auntie and they went to one of Kevin's customer's house for a party so it was just mom and I for the night. We went to Sports Authority to do a little shopping on our own:) Came home and off to bed for me.

Saturday... Last night I went to bed at 8:30pm - 5:30am - 7:15am :) My mommy was so proud of me! Uncle Kevin went to the gym to play a little basketball while mom and auntie stayed home to play with me. Uncle is going to watch me this afternoon while mom and auntie go to a movie. Then it is going to be home for the rest of the day because the Olympics is on and we don't want to miss any of it! :)

Sunday.... We got up and went swimming :) We met some friends at the pool and it was so much fun. I wasn't the only little one swimming this time. Little Kevin (9 months) Ashley (31/2) Sophia (1 year) went swimming also with us. After swimming we went to Tara and David's house and had some pizza. Then mommy and I got dropped off to get our stuff packed up because we are heading home tonight when Amy gets done with her conference. See you back in North Dakota :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

My new thing

Well I turned 7 months today :)This is my new thing I do with my face. I started doing it a couple days ago for mom and now I think I am pretty cool and do it all the time. Everyone laughs at me so I just keep doing it more and more :)


I have mastered holding the sippy cup..... But I have not mastered how to get the milk out of the sippy cup!I can now hold my small bottle all by myself. The big bottles are still a little to heavy for me.