Friday, May 11, 2012


Nana, Mommy and Tanner (from School) we went to the circus!
Needless to say they would not take any pictures :(

 Enjoying my bath time with the glow sticks in my water!

 Good Night!

Playing Outside

It is April out and the weather was so nice we were able to help dad mow the yard, play ball and I even took my shirt off!


 Batter UP!

Trains and Ice Cream

My new train table!

 Hanging out in daddy's man cave.

 It was so nice out we got an ice cream cone to share with daddy

 Did you want some of my food daddy?

Moving to Minot......

Mommy, Daddy and I moved in with Gma/pa Quinlen while we were waiting to find a house in Minot~

Doing the dishes with Nana!

 This is my new bathroom in our new home! I ams starting to finally go potty on the big boy potty now!

My new room and big boy bed~

 Mommy's cousin Shelly sent me this Huskers jersey but this is all she got for a picture with me wearing it.
 I thinkn I got it out....
 Hold on..........
 Yep I got it in the garbage it goes.....